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Return Instructions for online purchases 

This covers instructions for return of products when online purchases are delivered to you. This does not cover purchases made at the physical stores Рyou should return these items to the same store of purchase. 

Due to legal restrictions,¬†prescription medications¬†ordered online¬†can‘t be returned to Springcare Pharmacy stores.¬†¬†

STEP 1: 

Receive product from dispatch 

Receive ordered products from the dispatch officer 

STEP 2: 

Examine product for correctness 

Ensure product(s) are well examined and meets your specification based on the order made online 

Springcare pharmacy will provide a refund to a customer in accordance with the Consumer Law, when there is proof of purchase, under the following circumstances: 

  • If the goods are faulty¬†
  • The goods are not as described by the store¬†
  • The goods are unable to be used for their intended purpose¬†
  • The goods do not meet a reasonably expected level of quality or performance¬†
  • The product had expired at the time of purchase, or could not be used reasonably in the time remaining.¬†

Customers are not legally entitled to a refund if: 

  • They change their mind or no longer want the goods¬†
  • Knew about the fault prior to purchase or if they cause the fault¬†
  • Choose the wrong size, colour, strength etc.¬†
  • They find the item cheaper elsewhere¬†


Due to legal restrictions,¬†prescription medications¬†ordered online¬†can‘t be returned¬†

The following products are not eligible for return under any circumstance 

  • Food and Beverages¬†
  • Prescription medicines¬†
  • Products requiring special temperature storage conditions i.e. Cold Chain¬†

 Refunds may not be provided on prescription items, pharmacy medicines, pharmacist only medicines, vitamins or baby formula as these products are unable to be returned to stock or re-sold after leaving the premises. Storage conditions and therefore, the effectiveness of the product and/or medication, are unable to be guaranteed once this has occurred. 


STEP 3: 

Return product if otherwise 

Please login to your account on our website and select ‚ÄėOrders‚Äô then ‚ÄėReturns‚Äô. At the portal, enter your order information and then select the product(s) you would like to return. Please explain the reason for return, select the appropriate option and upload a photo. You can choose to have the amount returned to your payment method or to your e-wallet. Once you hit confirm, you will be notified that we have received your request and we will begin reviewing immediately.¬†¬†

STEP 4: 

Refund Processed 

As soon as your returned item is approved by the Company, your refund will be processed by crediting the payment option you chose. 

Unavailable Stock? 

The ordered item would be sourced for and delivered to you between 24 Р48 hours; if still unavailable, we will issue a complete refund as well as offer online-store credit and/or customer loyalty points to hopefully retain your business. We apologize for this inconvenience.  



Delivery costs are non-refundable.  

The turn-around-time required to get your replaced product to you may vary depending on your location. 

Customer Support  

Please contact our Customer Services teams via the chat on our website or call 234) 9098844389 during our opening hours (Monday-Saturday 7:00 am- 9:00 pm, Sunday Р1:00 pm-9:00 pm) and we will advise you how to return the items. 

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